Malnutrition is a Serious Concern for Seniors

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November 2, 2020

Malnutrition is a Serious Concern for Seniors

We all know that we feel better once we eat well. Good eating habits, and being mindful of healthy eating goals, can improve mental and physical health, and provides us the energy we’d like to try to to the activities we love.

Unfortunately, too many seniors aren’t having their nutritional needs met. Changes in our bodies as we age, and changing dietary needs, can make healthy eating harder for older adults.The health risks related to malnutrition are often especially concerning for seniors.

Symptoms can include:
– Weakened system
– Poor wound healing
– Muscle weakness
– Weight loss
– Dental issues
If engaging in good eating habits may be a struggle, there are steps anyone can fancy make sure that they’re getting proper nutrition. additionally to consulting a physician about diet or health concerns, they will also try the subsequent tactics to urge back on the proper track:

One out of each two older adults are in danger of becoming malnourished.
Make meals a affair – Sharing a meal is one among the foremost enjoyable ways to make sure that somebody is eating well. this will appear as if making something healthy and delicious for others or reaching bent folks that like to cook healthy food and offering them your company.
Make healthy eating suit your budget – Good food doesn’t need to be expensive. A doctor or nutritionist can point patients to budget friendly, nutritious food options. And, maintaining a healthy lifestyle saves money on medical aid within the future.
Shop for healthy foods – Having a kitchen stocked healthy snacks and meal options is one among the foremost important steps to maintaining a diet .
Encourage people to invite help – If someone you recognize has concerns about their ability to plan healthy meals, buy the groceries or if they only aren’t getting the nutrition they have , tell them to invite help! In-home caregivers, delivery services, family, friends and medical professionals can all help older adults reach their nutrition goals.
For those concerned about their nutrition, or the eating habits of a senior beloved , chatting with a medical professional is critical.

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